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Why This is THE BEST Basketball Site You've Ever Stumbled Upon

This website is dedicated to supporting athletes, coaches and others with inspirational and informative content to have the most meaningful, satisfying and successful careers as possible.

The blog has been created in hopes of making these basketball and life teachings available to more and more dedicated athletes, coaches, players, and parents who are looking for information and inspiration that goes beyond rote drills and techniques.

You won’t find much in this blog about how to shoot, how to pass, how to dribble, or how to stand in a defensive stance. There will be very little of that. Instead, you’ll hear more about the subtleties of the game and about why your approach to the game is so important. You could say that these teachings are not just about what you do, but about how you do what you do. Unless you learn to do the things you do well, you don’t become a champion. (And by champion, we don’t just mean a winner of basketball games.)

These teachings are about the way you think, the way you practice, and the way you prepare. You’ll also hear a lot about what coaches often refer to as “the little things,” (subtleties of the game). The things great coaches want you to know, but rarely have the time to teach you. Things like how to see the game like a great point guard or a great coach, how to make the people around you better, and how to have more influence on your surroundings than your surroundings have on you.

These lessons will often be explained in creative and memorable ways so that they stick with you for the rest of your playing career and, for some people, into their coaching career and life as a whole. You’ll hear some funny terminology, see some misspelled words, and listen to some intriguing stories…not just to entertain you, but to make a point about basketball or life that you’ll hopefully never forget.

Think of this blog as your very own set of “Keys to the Gym.” Make good use of them.

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