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Advice for Parents: How to Avoid Being a Nuisance

Your child is barely 16, and obviously you want the best for him. You yell at the top of your voice in the bleachers, hoping to psyche him up, but actually, you’re doing him a great disservice. Don’t you think as a parent, you’re pushing him too hard? You might say “What about that 8-year old that went viral on the internet for his incredible skills?” Yes, maybe he’s got exceptional skills, but you must understand that your child is a unique being and very different in every way---so don’t use that as a yardstick! It’s my humble opinion that you ease off on your I6-year old and take a different approach; it might do you a lot of good in the future.

I have experienced situations, when the parent of a given player is practically screaming and on top of that, cussing at the referee in the full glare of the public, embarrassing the player and hurting his performance. When this player is taken out for his lack of execution, it becomes pretty obvious that he is upset with the Dad for acting irrationally. With the intervention of the assistant coach to calm his nerves, and the appearance that the player may remain on the bench, one might think the Dad would stop. Unfortunately, that was not the case and, the player remained on the bench until his Dad made a dash for the exit.

This is a great example why basketball tips for parents should be recommended information for those parents with sons or daughters in sports. Doing so could help curtail excesses such as this. Here are my recommendations:

The first on this list is to inquire from your child if he would be comfortable having you around to cheer him up or not. Acting out of your own volition may sometimes be counterproductive. Your presence could spur your child on and motivate him to achieve great things. On the contrary, you could make him feel uneasy and also distract him, especially if you’re the type that screams when the game is not in your child’s favor.

The show of good sportsmanship is quite essential in a sports. When your child glances over his shoulder and sees you applauding the opposing team for their great moves or exceptional skills, this can send the right signal that sport is not a “do or die” affair, rather a way to unite, make new friends, build relationships and gain the respect of others.

Avoid overreacting when the game is in progress; shouting, pacing around the aisle and blocking audience view will only get people irritated towards you. You may further introduce distractions as you yell or shout at your child, as if you’re the coach. You give out instructions from your position that contradicts the one given by the coach. At a point, your child becomes confused, loses his self confidence, and the outcome? Disaster! Keep a calm disposition, even when his team is not playing well; make him feel he’s got great support in you, as he’s on the court.

In addition to the basketball tips for parents mentioned earlier,this is equally important. Choose a position that will suit you throughout the duration of the game. If you’re the type that’s always screaming at a basketball game, then the most appropriate position will be on the front seat; the middle seat will only make your noise spread too easily and can get some members of audience angry.

If the outcome does not favor you, there’s no need to go overboard with your emotions. There is no need to cuss the referee and do anything that will have a negative influence on the game. If you think that the referee was biased, it’s not your duty to put out a complaint in a negative way; let the coach handle it in his own way. And also, there’s no need whatsoever to direct negative remarks at the opposing team; that will be very disrespectful.

Learning to be silent is another serious contender on the list of basketball tips for parents. You can learn to be quiet at basketball games and watch things as they unfolds. You’ll be composed and relaxed, and as the game proceeds, you’ll enjoy it more, and the people sitting close to you will too.

Your presence is meant to bring out positive energy and provide support in every way possible, and not make your child regret your presence. When you follow the rules religiously, you’re affirming that you believe in your child’s ability, which is part of the primary reason you’re there with him. You’re also there to make him feel that he’s not all alone.

It’s imperative, and as a matter of urgency that these basketball tips for parents be view seriously and imbibed by parents, as this will instigate an atmosphere of tranquility and calmness around you. And this can instill in your child that confidence he needs to live up to the real him; he may have those skills that will launch him on the world stage in the near future.

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