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My Favorite Basketball Websites

Basketball Coaching 


If you are looking for videos and other resources, this is the place to find them.  All videos are top quality, by the biggest names in the game and their service is top-notch.


Basketball for Coaches


Coach Mac specializes in youth basketball and on this site he addresses many topics of concern to coaches and others involved in working with young players and teams.


Coach Jackson's Pages


This site, by author Larry Dean Jackson, is a great one. Coach Jackson has titled the site “Coach Jackson's Pages Basketball Coaching Encyclopedic Resource of Drills, Offenses and Defenses,” which is an indication of just how comprehensive his website is.


Hoop Skills  

Basketball coaching articles, training articles and plenty of free stuff by Coach Stricklin.  There are new articles on this site almost every day, so if you want to stay up to date, this is a good site to look at.

Mens Basketball Hoopscoop  


This page, by author Scott Peterman offers a diverse mix of resources for people coaching at all levels of basketball.  Most of the information is taken from some of the very best college programs in America.

Pure Sweat Basketball

I have included the Pure Sweat YouTube home page in this section.  This is an extensive resource with a ton of training videos and information on the best techniques for players and the approach for coaches to teach these techniques.  The site is authored by Drew Hanlen, an NBA strategic skills coach & consultant who has numerous high profile clients.

Fast Model Sports

On this site, you will find one of the best playbook/play diagramming software programs in the business.  They have versions of their software for desktop or laptop computers and tablets.  What is really special about their product is that with a subscription, you get access to their bank of plays and drills that are being offered by some of the very best coaches in the business.  It is very well worth the investment in a subscription.

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