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A Great Defensive Drill To Begin Practice

Iowa State University Coach Steve Prohm, begins this practice by taking his players through the “Rebel Drills.” This series of closeout and individual defensive moves helps players get used to guarding the ball, work on foot quickness and make them better half-court defenders.

Tom Izzo 5 on 4 Scramble Drill

This is an awesome drill done by Coach Izzo to work on defensive rotations and controlling dribble penetration.  A variation of this drill that takes it to the next level is '5 on 4 Scramble with Transition.'

Full Shooting Workout for Basketball Players

This is a fantastic individual workout for shooting the basketball that a player can do on his own.  The workout is based off the 'spin-out' and the ensuing shot or move and shot, rebound and repeat.

Stephen Curry Two Ball Dribbling Workout

Jon Hildebrandt, aka Superhandles, has his very own unique style and his ball-handling wizardry is simply amazing.  In this video, he shows a variety of stationary drills to develop skills and confidence when handling the basketball.  The drills start off basic and progress in difficulty.

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